How I make pancakes

I never made pan cakes when I left home. It must have been seven or eight years later that one day my first son, hardly two years old asked me,

 “Momma can you make Cakepans?” as I hesitated, he added:  “Granddad can make them!”

 It took some time for me to grasp what he meant because he had turned the word pancake around. But if granddad could make them then I could sure make them and I answered;

“Of course I can!”

That’s were de pan cake baking years began. Son#2 was only a baby who at first did not believe in solid food …… how ever pan cakes were soon a favorite of him too.

I make them in the simplest form. Flour, milk and eggs……. That’s it. I have no set recipe. I just add some flour to a bowl, add milk, whisk until I think its right and then add 3 or 4 eggs to the batter. I use the flour I can lay my hands on. Most of the time that’s wheat flour. Once husband came home with several left over Dutch Donut ready mix he had gotten very cheap. I turned this in to perfect pan cakes. I searched YouTube for a ‘how to bake pan cakes’ instruction. Found none I liked, the ones I looked at were all to complicated. Making pan cakes is simple. At least, I keep it simple!


add the eggs, (this was Sunday night, and when I reached for the eggs, I discovered a problem; there was only one egg left. Hmm, in our town shops are really closed on Sunday. So I took my empty six-eggs-the-box and went to my friend Eve, a chicken keeping neighbour. Could she help me out? Turns out I had to help her out. The chicken had been laying eggs like crazy. Only if I accepted her 12-eggs-the-box carton, taking the full dozen eggs with me would she help me out. I gave in……) s


I use butter. I have one old pan of cast iron and new teflon one. They are both right for pan cakes. Wait until the batter on top is solid, turn them,

et voila: a fresh baked pan cake!

I think they look good,

However, some don’t turn out as planned….

Most of them were eaten with sweet filllings. Powdered sugar, white castor sugar, brown castor sugar, syrup and cottage cheese are our favourites. Later on, second son had a birthday party at our house. including my own I took home from school 10 hungry children. I was prepared for this and in de morning had had been baking non-stop for 2½ hours with three pans. I had made the largest pile of pan cakes ever. They entered the house, yelled

 ‘P A N C A A A A A A K E E E E E E E S S S S S ! ! !”

And started to eat. They ate it all in ten minutes flat ……. When I looked again they were playing in another part of the room, leaving one small piece pan cake on the table …… I was really flabbergasted. But I guess they liked them. 

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