The Clachnaha’ry – Wordt de klacht naar Harry!

Dear Sir or Madam,

About two years ago we were on holiday in Scotland. On a Sunday in august we, my husband and my youngest son and I had a meal at the Clachnaha’ry Inn. I can’t recall what we ate, but I do remember that it was very good. We remembered the Clachnaha’ry Inn then as a place to recommend. This summer we had another holiday in Scotland, and stayed once again at the campsite in Bunchrew. I decided against cooking at the campsite, we would eat again at your place.


I am sorry to say we were very disappointed. My husband, who has a good appetite, had the ploughman’s as a main course. He had eaten a ploughman’s lunch several times before and was looking forward for a hearty meal, designed for the workman. I had the fisherman’s pie; my son had the Fish&Chips. Though none of us really got much food, my heart sank when I saw the ‘meal’ that was served to my husband. I took a picture of it. 

The Main Course. Stukkie vlees, klein stukkie kaas en een nog kleiner schepje aardaappelpuree. De rest is rauwkost, tomaat, komkommer, appel, sla, TWEE augurkjes…

He ate it in 5 minutes. When I asked the lady that served us if he could get some more food, because he was still hungry and he was served an exceptional low amount of food, she told us of course we could order some more. However, my husband refused to order extra food because that would increase my bill, since eating at your place was my treat. He and I were hoping for another serving.

At that point we were angry. I was angry because we ordered a main course, and we got little more than an appetizer. I gave the lady every chance to make up for this mistake, however, she refused. At that time my husband asked, loud enough for everyone to hear the address of the nearest chip shop. The lady angrily told him to go ‘down the road’ and left us, and did not return. The bill was brought by another member of you staff. He apologized and simply said:

“The place changed hands six month’s ago”. 



 Ploughman’s lunch

 Question: Ploughman’s Lunch – What is a Ploughman’s Lunch

Go into almost any British pub for a taste of British food and you are likely to see a Ploughman’s Lunch on the menu, but what is a Ploughman’s Lunch? Most certainly, it is not for the fainthearted as it can often contain cheese, meats, pickles, sometimes even a slice of meat pie as well as bread. Always ask what’s on offer before ordering.

Answer: A ploughman’s lunch does exactly what it says on the tin, it was a lunch packed for a ploughman to take out into the fields for his lunch. Just where the name or contents of a Ploughmans comes from has been lost in the mists of time though there are records of it mentioned in 18th century literature.

What is in a Ploughman’s Lunch?
A basic Ploughman’s is crusty bread, cheese plus pickled onions and chutney but this can vary considerably and it may also contain a selection of cold meats, ham, maybe a slice of pate and/or a slice of pork pie, sometimes slices of apple or other seasonal fruit. Traditionally the cheese, bread and pickles would be home-made by the ploughman’s wife – making it a cheap and substantial lunch. Today, a good Ploughman’s will be cheeses of the region and at the very least British; the same for the meats and other accompaniments. The bread must be a thick wedge of crusty bread or a baguette, anything less will not hold up when piled high with cheese, chutney and pickles.

There was a statement on BBC TV that the idea for the ‘ploughman’s lunch’ as a name for a type of sold meal arose when a workman working in a café brought a packed lunch of bread and cheese and pickle to work; a customer saw it and ordered it, and was curtly told ‘That’s a navvy’s lunch’; but that gave the management the idea of selling similar meals.


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